Mobile phone has become a part of our life for most of us. But I can definitely say that such questions must have come to your mind that how can a call be possible from a mobile phone? And why do mobile communications have different generations? Let’s know about the TECHNOLOGY of MOBILE COMMUNICATION.

digital signal 0 and 1 form

When you talk on a mobile phone, the MICROPHONE of your mobile listens to your voice,Then the microphone converts your voice to DIGITAL SIGNAL with the help of a MAIN SENCER and IC. Saves this digital voice as 0 and 1. The antenna inside the phone receives SIGNAL of 0 and 1 and transmits them in electromagnetic waves. In 0 and 1 FREQUENCY is transmitted as LOW and HIGH. If you can find a way to send these electromagnetic waves to someone’s phone then you will be able to talk to them on the phone. But electromagnetic waves are not able to cover much distance. These waves are destroyed due to electromagnetic waves of physical objects and some environmental causes. In fact, even if there is no such problem, the waves cannot always exist due to the curved SHAPE of the earth. To solve this problem, cell towers were built using CELLULAR TECHNOLOGY. The CELLULAR technique is divided into an octagonal cell.In which each cell has its own tower and frequency slot, usually these cell towers are connected by wires or specifically, say or Optical fibers are connected by cable .

Ashta Angular Tower

The optical fiber cable is laid under the ground or at sea to form a national or international CONECTIVITY. The electromagnetic waves generated by your phone reach the tower in your cell and are converted to high frequency light PULSE. Is These light PULSEs are sent to SIGNAL for processing in the box below the tower. After PROCESSING, this SIGNAL is sent to the destination tower, upon receiving a pulse in the destination tower, the tower transmits them out into electromagnetic waves and your friend’s phone accepts those signals. This signal then goes through the exact same process and your friend is able to hear your voice, that’s why it is true that mobile communication is not completely wireless, it also uses wired mediums.

In this way mobile communication is carried out. But there is another big problem that we have not yet answered. Mobile communication can be successful only when the tower transmits the signal to your friend’s phone, but how does your tower know which cell tower area your friend is in? By the way, MOBILE switching CEMTER (MSC) helps for this process. MSc is the focal point of a group of cell towers.

Let’s know about the MSC Center, when you buy a SIM card, all the information related to the membership is registered on the MSC. This MSC is your HOME MSC. HOME MSC collects information such as your service plan, your current status and your activities. If you move out of your HOME MSC, then a new MSC provides services, called FOREGN MSC.

As soon as you come in the field of foreign MSc, it contacts your HOME MSc. For example, if your home MSC knows which MSC area you are in, to understand which cell is within the subscriber MSc area, the MSC does USE of some technology. One way is to update the subscriber’s location after a certain time, when a phone crosses the fixed number of towers, the location is updated again, the last location is when the phone was switched on.

Now the big question is why are different GENRATION of MOBILE PHONES TECHNOLOGY 1G made it possible to have a wireless phone for the first time but there were two major problems with 1G . The first problem was that the wireless transmission was in ANALOG FORMATE . Analog signals can be changed easily due to external reasons, hence poor quality of voice and level of security. | Another problem was that it used frequency division multiple access technology that uses the available spectrum effectively, it is for this reason that second generation of mobile communication was invented . Multiple digital excess technology is used in 2G it is called CDMA. AndThe second generation, called TDMA code division multiple access and time division multiple access) technology, also brought a revolutionary data service sms service and internet browsing.

G technology data transfer of  high speed went geared towards . It Wcd Multiple Access this goal as well as the use of technology has increased the bandwidth to achieve | With 3G speed of Mbps, users could send data via GPS video and voice call. 3G was a major step to convert the phone into a smartphone.

Then 4G came forward with speeds of 20 to 100 Mbps which was useful for hi visualization movie and television. High speed orthongonal frequency division was possible due to multiple access.

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