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How to hack Electric meter || Can an electric meter be hacked? ||

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Can an electric meter be hacked? || How to hack Electricity Meter ||

In this post, we will learn how to reduce the meter reading without tampering with the electric meter or without making any changes   ?

Note: – This post is from EDUCATION PURPUSE, if found doing this then the department may take action on you.

I previously read many post meter HACK described how, but it did not matter as there own ways After reading them, it seems that these people write such posts just for joking  as if one had to call 198 on mobile and turn off the meter, tell me that this also happened, this method is not possible anywhere Think How to stop reading by calling customer care. It makes sense if there is any logic in it.

Secondly, I had read that keep this coin of Rs 1 or Rs 5 on top of the meter and stop the meter, tell me it happened, it means there is no logic in it and people also look like these.

Some people have to say that take out the sim of Jio phone and put it above the meter, it will stop two meters. If you do not read in these lies, it is good that such things get spread on social media a lot and likes also come a lot, but if you do not fall in these jams, it is good.

Today I am going to clear two things related to you by the meter, so that you can reduce the reading of the meter.

There are two types of meters, single phase meter and three phase meter.

Single Phase two input wires and two output wire meter and three-phase meters If the input and output you want to move not reading your meter so you both cable input and output short pause reading by this input Only the output supply will go away and there will be no load on the meter, which will not increase the reading.

The second way a little complecated is it a is added to the series connection of m Just like if you have meters in your house , it is not right, so you can reduce the radding by making a series from your neighbor’s meter. Put the output phase wire of your meter in their meter and take the phase wire of the output of their meter. So both these meters will be in series.

In this, neither their reading will increase nor your reading will increase, but this method is also a legal offense, legal action can be taken  in this, remember them only from education purpuse .

Thank you

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