how coronavirus kills? || How the corona virus kills humans

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In this post, today we will know that once the corona virus has entered the body, how does it kill a human being? That is how coronavirus kills?

Let us see it or not but when we cough then our mouths and around the nose 3000 of saliva DROPLET originates and when we Chikte then SOMETHING 40,000 originates drops Now alarming thing is almost a drop of saliva 20 are million coronavirus And when it drops so poor originates 400 at a speed of kilometers per hour to can be far from the meter so you often have 1 to 2 meters spoken DISTANCE Maintain |

But the question is, can the corona virus fly in the air ?

 There are two answers to this- The first answer is yes. CORONA VIRUS can fly in the air but can only float in a special case. It is such that we can see it or not, but dust particles are present all around us. When a person infected with the corona virus sneezes, the droplets of saliva that will come out of it will sit on these dust particles and on these drops from 3 Can last up to 4 hours. As soon as a person passes through this place, there is every chance that he will get infected.

Does CORONA VIRUS float in the air ?

 This question is one answer |

Corona virus can not swim in the air because scientists were spread on it found no evidence of corona virus place around to evaporate out of a man The corona virus spreads only with droplets of saliva. Infected has gone from being unable to sit on the particles of dust, drops of saliva that around SURFACE sticks It can stay alive for 96 hours on the surface of glass and can remain alive for 72 hours on plastic and steel. Now as a NON INFECTED  person touches in place and nose imposes mouth or hand to eye corona virus in her body ENTER will 

To understand the corona virus that our bodies INFECT How First we need to understand it LUNGS us breathing HELP how |

Every human being has two lungs that are in the upper part of WIND PIPE called the breathing tube Reaching our lungs hose in two parts DEVIDE are These parts are called bronchi . This bronchi goes on and on in some small branches . It is called bronchioles . Now as we breathe oxygen passes through the wind pipe and then through these two bronchioles , it reaches these many bronches Then there’s the real game in the bronchioles of END inalveoli are engaged This is where our BODY contains oxygen and carbon dioxide EXCHANGE . Let’s see how.


The oxygen that had reached the brochioles then went ahead and entered the alveoli. There is about 60 crore alveoli in both of their lunches. And it is very much FLEXIBLE when we breathe, it swells INFLETE, and when we exhale, it becomes DEFLATE ie it shrinks.

This alveoli is made entirely of capillaries. This is the capillary from which our blood flows. The wall of this alveoli is so thin that oxygen and carbon dioxide can cross CROSS through it.

Now there was more carbon dioxide in the body that the capillary alveoli  went out leaving the eye and breathing and alveoli was oxygen in which we have a mother that by capillary heart goes in and then the rest of the body |

Entire body cell is formed by the lungs, stomach all   cell is made from that too much zoom to be seen by the look by Show cell picture |

cell in zoom size

It is the smallest unit of our body Our body just   37.2 million cell is composed of a way out of the CELL MEMBRANE is Sara playing this CELL MEMBRANE  is to enter If you went into the corona virus cell membrane he will copy your millions and human INFECTED will |

Noting it is CORONA VIRUS CELL   how penetrated the |

In MAXIMUM CASES , this corona virus attacks the cell containing the BAUNDARY of LUNGS why is this so In the cell of the foot, not in the cell of the hand, there is not in the cell of the brain,  why only in the cell with the BOUNDARY of LUNGS ?

 Because LUNGS of BOUNDARY in a cell ACE 2 RECEPTOR is found such as CORONA VIRUS are thorns up so LUNGS are thorns on a cell boundary of CORONA VIRUS  spike protein on top of thorns ( Spike Protein called and LUNGS mounted cell at the boundary of thorns ace 2 receptor called It will therefore be engaged bite or protein keys above the corona virus understanding LUNGS is the protein lock on the cell boundary by the |That’s why it’s just attack the cell that the boundary of the lung Limbs or cells in the brain ACE 2 RECEPTOR is found that the key for the lock that LUNGS is on sale The thing to keep in mind is that you cannot enter all things inside this cell, but can do some things.

Now as soon as this corona virus is locked on the cell of LUNGS, the cell feels that it is something useful and the cell makes it ENTERY ALOW. Now the corona virus will TRANSFER its RNA inside the cell and HIGHJECK the entire cell. If you understand in easy language, the corona virus will tell the cell that you leave what you were doing and do what I am saying. Copy me, this is the corona virus, its genetic code contains INSTRUCTION to make coffee and within a few days our cell makes millions of copies of CORONA VIRUS.

As soon as this cell makes millions of COPY, the IMMUNE system of our body will become active and it will start killing all these coronaviruses. It also brings fever because our IMMUNE SYSTEM is fighting with CORONA VURUS. YOUNG people who RECOVER the corona virus understand the SCIENCE behind it. Our ADVANCE IMMUNE SYUSTEM ACTIVE becomes when the corona virus and IMMUNE SYSTEM are fighting. It is also called adaptive immune system. He starts doing quick ANTIBODY RELEASE. This antibody is CONNECT by visiting the protein of CORONA VIRUS. Now the coronavirus got stuck, because our IMMUNE SYSTEM fitted the wrong lock in its keys. This virus will not be able to connect to ACE 2 RECEPTOR of CELL and will not be able to make any more copies by entering inside the cell. But it’s all right,But what will happen to the copia that has been made before? Their will be that as soon as antibodies are connected to them, our macrophages will become active. This is a type of WHITE BLOOD CELLS which is part of our immunity system. The macrophages will go to where the antibodies are spread and INSERT the corona virus along with the antibodies. The special thing is that this antibody can connect not just to one corona virus but also to more than one karaona virus.Can beCan be

Now by our adaptive immune system such as antibodies in your mind a question can connect up key CORONA VIRUS if he did not connect why the coronavirus that in the very beginning before
| That’s because these antibodies take time to form, which is our advanced immunity system, it first understands the spike proteins of the corona virus and then makes antibodies accordingly.

If you have understood this system carefully, then congratulations you have also understood the mechanism of vaccine. If you still do not understand, then you understand in easy language. This whole game is the key to the corona virus, that is, to connect the wrong lock on the spike protein i.e. the antibody. Now that as soon as VACCINE should be inserted into the body he ADVANCE IMMUNE SYSTEM will give the genetic code of the spike protein corona virus Understand simple language so that IMMUNE SYSTEM The future will tell virus ATTACK could paired antibodies thus thus he summons Now as soon as ENTER in the CORONA VIRUS body Before he enters the cell and makes his own copy, the immunity system will immediately start releasing its antibodies, which will connect to the virus’s spike proteins.

Our saliva is made almost from water, if the corona virus had died of water, it would have died in saliva, but it is not that this virus does not die just by washing hands with water. The sanitizer destroys its OUTER LAYER layer.

Therefore, it is advisable to apply SENETIZER in your hands.

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