Celling fan speed problem in hindi || Celling fan speed too fast || how to increase celling fan speed

Friends, it happens many times that we bring ceiling fan for purchase, then it rotates at a good speed. But after a few days, he starts moving slowly. In this post, we will know the main reason for this.

Speed ​​Problem in Ceiling Fan

Low voltage

If the voltages are coming down in the house, then it also has an effect on the fan. Because the speed of the motor is proportional to the voltage. If the voltage is low then the speed will be reduced and if the voltage is high then the speed will also get more.

 You can also increase the speed of the fan by increasing the value of the capacitor installed in the fan. 

Ceiling fan jamming

Due to deposition of dusty particles in the ceiling fan, it gets jammed, which reduces the speed of the fan.

This problem can be solved by greasing the fan’s clean soil.


The speed of the fan also depends on the bearing. If the fan’s bearing is bad, then the fan will move slowly

To check the fan bearing, the fan can know his voice by turning ON.

Capacitor failure

If the fan is moving slowly, it is more likely that the capacitor is damaged.

Capacitors are very easy to check. To check this, both the capacitor wire and the neutral supply will be given for 3-5 seconds. 

After this, both the wires of the capacitor will be shorted together. This capacitor is correct if it sparks with a loud sound. And if not, you will have to replace this capacitor.

Fan stator

If the ceiling fan does not have any of the four problems mentioned above, then check the stator of the fan. The stator is the PATR of the fen on which the WINDING is wrapped. The magnetic field is not well formed due to the gap in the leaves of the stator. Which reduces fan speed.